How to Consign my Bridal Gown?

We accept 0nce-wed dresses on consignment that have been professionally cleaned or never worn. There are so many designers with gowns we see beauty in. Baltimore Bridal is selective when adding to our inventory but will not turn away consignment inquirers that don't have "popular" brand names. This allows us to have a broad range in our pricing. Please attach pictures to an email with the designers name, year/location of purchase, and dress size for consideration. The selling price for every item is negotiable but our brokerage percentage on all gowns are the same. Most consignment stores charge to house and broker items; we are only paid out once the gown is sold.  Unsold gowns remain property of  the owner during this process and are available for pick-up at the agreements end.  If we can not accept your consignment because we have reached our maximum allowed or already have one similar to yours, there is a donation option. Donated gowns will be used for a bridal gown giveaway, where it will be available for terminally ill or less fortunate brides, selected through nominations.